Mobile Racing Betting

Betting on different sporting events has been popular in South Africa for years, and today’s online and mobile developments have made it possible for anyone to put money on outcomes for events happening all over the world, including and perhaps most conveniently from your smartphone. Racing betting is a big South African favourite and now you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere, in the way that is most convenient for you. If you are a smartphone staker who is considering betting on the races, take some time to read our guidelines below.

Events for Racing Bets

There are several different types of racing that can be enjoyed in South Africa, and of course you can bet on events that are occurring anywhere. The most popular and well-established area must be horse racing, with may thrilling national events such as the Durban July and the J & B Met really igniting punters’ interest. You can also enjoy harness racing, where trotters and pacers face off against each other in thrilling matchups. When there are no South African harness events on a given day, punters are advised to see what is on offer on Australian soil.

For a break from the horses, you can enjoy motorsport racing from all over the world. The great Formula 1 races of the world, NASCAR events and various rallies such as the Paris to Dakar tour offer plenty of excitement, and you can keep up with every dramatic twist and turn with your smartphone. Besides betting on the winner of a race a season, one of the other and most interesting ways to bet on motorsport events is to put money down on which pit team you think will have the most points at the end of the season. This requires astute observation and research on your part, so keep your phone handy.

Racing Betting Variations

Deciding what type of racing to bet on, and which events, as well as choosing from the wide variety of different wagering options, is very engaging for the sophisticated smartphone punters in South Africa. After some very enjoyable research, which is easily done with your smartphone, you will find the bets and racing types that suit your wagering style best and bring you the most benefit. The more time you spend placing bets, the more familiar you will become with the nuances of racing betting on your smartphone, and your confidence and abilities will grow. You may want to branch out and investigate more complex punts, like picking multiple finishers, as this happens. The different racing sports have different seasons, meaning you will always find something to enthral and reward you.

Next Moves for Racing Betting

We have only just scratched the surface, but if we have whet your appetite for racing betting from your smartphone, your next step is to explore the great South African mobile betting sites we review here, and our more specific live mobile betting guides. You can trust every bookmaker we suggest, leaving you free to decide where to bet based on your own needs and preferences.