Horse Racing Tips

Betting on horse races is a time-honoured tradition and is loved the world over, including in South Africa’s exciting mobile betting sites. Deciding how to bet and who to back is just as much a part of the punting experience as watching to see if your horse comes in first. Besides checking all the information that you can, using horse racing tips can be an invaluable part of this process if they are reliable and properly applied. These tips can be easily found in online chat rooms and forums that are easily accessed from your smartphone, but are not as easily used with success. To help you along the way, read our guidelines to horse betting and using tips below.

Understand All your Possibilities

Before you even consider looking at horse racing tips, you need to make sure that you understand all the bets that are available to you. This will allow you to combine themhe with the information you can find and the horse racing tips you can get, and make astute decisions.

The Win and Place bets are the most straightforward, making them a great place to begin. In these, you must predict who will come first or which horse will place second or third, respectively. These straightforward wagers are the basis of many other deals, which you will get more familiar and comfortable with as you bet more. You may also want to explore the exotic bets that are available including Trifectas, Quadrellas and Exactas or may want to branch into making a series a bets over different races with multi bets such as Parlays, Doubles and Trebles. Also make sure that you keep watching for special bets on specific events as they can be very rewarding.

Use All Available Information

Gathering as much factual information as you can is always recommended when making any betting decisions, and there is much that is easily available for horse racing. Find out as much as possible about a horse and jockey’s winning and losing streaks, win/loss percentages and take note of whatever else you can find. Checking both is important, because the horse and rider work as a unit.

Check the Stats

After you have looked at your possibilities and the data, you are ready to look at horse racing tips such as the state of a horse or racing track. These are easily found online, and you just need to make sure that the sites you choose have a lot of traffic and favourable feedback. When you first use a site, we advise making smaller bets ad then upping the ante as you feel more confident about the tips you receive. You will also get a feeling for who or what you can trust as you punt more.

Weigh the Odds

Lastly, you should always consider the odds you are facing. A sure favourite will not yield large returns if it wins, while a long shot will because of the odds. If you feel quite confident in the racing tips you receive about an underdog, mobile horse betting on this may just get you a tidy windfall.

Always Evolve your Strategy

As you bet more and win more, your punting tactics should be constantly revised and honed. The best way to do this is to keep visiting the great South African mobile betting sites that we review here, which is especially convenient if you are using your smartphone. Your practice will be very well-rewarded.