Mobile NBA Bets

America’s National Basketball Association (NBA) has been a highly respected institution for many years. Thanks to them anyone watching an official NBA game can enjoy world-class standards, and thanks to modern technology anybody can do this from anywhere in the world. Now, with online and remote betting sites, the same can be said about putting money down on the games. Online betting first made it possible to visit bookies remotely, and mobile betting has taken it even further. You can access your favourite bookmakers from your smartphone, and satisfy all your NBA betting needs this way. To get the most from your NBA bets on your phone, read our guidelines here.

Managing NBA Sports Betting

You will enjoy a wide variety of NBA betting possibilities from the South African smartphone sites that we review, and the more time you spend punting, the better you will get to know them. For example, many experienced NBA bettors choose Over/Under bets because these seem easier to predict in Basketball than in other games. These involve you putting money down on whether the final total score will be over or under what a bookmaker predicts, and you can make a similar bet on a single player’s performance in the Player Props category.

The other common NBA live mobile betting choices are the Money line or Head to Head bets, where teams go against each other with no handicap, and Playing against the Spread bets, where a handicap for each side equalises the field. The handicap must be exceeded before you are paid out. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these, so consider your circumstances before each wager that you place.

When it comes to managing your wagers, one of the most important aspects is how you manage your bankroll. If you are planning to play the long game you should bet only two or three percent of the total you have available for betting on each game. This means you will have enough to put down if a really fantastic opportunity presents itself. Try to resist the temptation to bet a lot of money at once, just because your bankroll is large.

Major NBA Betting Decisions

The other major decision when you visit remote South African bookies from your smartphone is, of course, choosing who to put money down on. Thorough research is essential, and is luckily right at your fingertips with your smartphone. Check all team and individual statistics, especially their performance against the Spread, and consider how different teams influence each other. To help you analyse the facts and make your decision, there are many online applications and organisational tools available, and there is also definitely a place for listening to your own intuition as well.

Practice NBA Bets

The more you put into NBA betting, the more you will get out. Do your research properly and take careful note of your experiences, and put it all to good use every time you place a wager. The great part of doing this on your smartphone is that you can conduct your punting from anywhere, and spend as much time as you like on the South African mobile betting sites we review.