Mobile Cycling Bets

Cycling betting has been popular for years, and today it is as favoured in land-based bookmakers as it has always been and is enjoyed in online and mobile sites just as much. The ultimate convenience is punting from your smartphone, and you can conduct any research and stay on top of all results from this device as well. Wherever you are when you want to indulge in some cycling bets, use our guidelines below to ensure optimal experiences every time.

Cycling Betting Events

The Grand Tours of Europe, each with twenty-one stages ridden over twenty-three days, are a really great place to begin and get familiar with the ins and outs of cycling betting, and once you have cut your teeth on these you can take your skills further afield.

The captivating Tour de France is definitely the jewel in the crown. It is 3200 km long and can be tracked through its individual daily heats and as an overall event. The Giro d’Italia sees riders traverse Italy and its neighbours and the Vuelta a España, inspired by the French and Italian races, is one of the best ways to see Spain. Each event offers many different betting opportunities.

Options in Cycling Betting

The most popular bets in cycling are the Stage Winner, Race Winner and Head-to-Head wagers. In the first two, punters must predict the winner of a certain stage or the overall winner respectively, and in the third category they must say which of two riders will rank higher after a race or stage. There are other exotic and specific bets as well, like the Polka Dot Jersey (King of the Mountains) award in the Tour de France. You can bet on who will win this award for the best performance over mountainous terrain. Live mobile bets deliver even more thrills. The more you wager and immerse yourself, the more you will come to know what bets work for you.

Cycling Betting Tips

There are many factors to consider when you are putting money down on a cycling event. To start with, the weather has a huge impact on riders’ performance and you should try to find out what they are as close to the time you plan to bet as possible.

You should also consider the riders’ performance history on different track conditions and in different altitudes. In addition, because cycling is a team sport, you should also review the team’s game plan and make sure you back one that plans to ride for the most points and stage wins. This strategy has been found to deliver the best results.

Besides these basic tips, and many finer points that you will learn as you engage in more cycling betting, you need to be careful in your bankroll management. To stay in the race for as long as possible, you need to back stage winners with small bets. Predicting winners is always difficult, and spreading small stakes across many riders gives you your best shot at strong returns.

Get Ready

Mobile betting on cycling races is very challenging, but the risks are matched by the potential rewards. If we have whet your appetite, read our reviews to find the best sites to bet on from your smartphone now.