Mobile Darts Betting

Darts has always been a great alternative for South African sports enthusiasts who enjoy competition but who are not very physically strong. Today it has grown from a pub entertainment to a real spectator and betting sport, and actually demands finely tuned skill from its players. Online access has made it even more popular, and the punting opportunities and chances to research your choices on your smartphone are superb. To start you off on your great Darts betting adventure, we have put together some guidelines and pointers below.

Darts Background

The growth of Darts as a South African spectator sport has been seriously boosted by the participation of Phil Taylor, a world champion many times over and a dominating force in the world of professional Darts. His form is renowned all over the world, and the ground-breaking throwing techniques he created are especially admired.

Today two world bodies convene Darts tournaments: the Professional Darts Corporation and the British Darts Organisation. These bodies hold several of their own events throughout the year, and also come together for the World Professional Championship which is the largest Darts event on earth.

Darts Betting Matches

Darts betting is easy and simple, which combine with the immediate action of the game to make a really appealing combination. You can put money down on who will win the Match, set or Tournament in the Match, Set and Outright betting categories respectively. The real fun comes in watching to see if you have wagered successfully.

Placing Darts Bets

Phil Taylor is such a legend in his own time that putting money on him is often considered a great place for novice punters to start. However, his odds are usually very short which is understandable, but can influence the wagers you place. Basically, for you to have any hope of a decent return you need to stake large amounts of money on Taylor, although given that his playing is almost flawless this is not as much of a risk as it sounds.

For the times when Taylor is not playing, or when he is and you want to branch out, there is a lot of research that you can do to bolster your decisions. There is Darts action all through the year, and you can use your smartphone to access all the information you need from wherever you are. Make sure that you check a prospective player’s statistics such as where they have been placing and their overall performance history in recent games. You should also check the head to head statistics to see how they fare against players of comparable skill.

The other important thing to remember is to ensure that you use trustworthy sites and bookmakers that have been very thoroughly reviewed, such as the ones we showcase here. These cover all mobile betting events, meaning you don’t miss out on any action and are assured of the best odds. They also offer great promotions including money-back offers and free bets which will really boost your darts betting power and potential.

Carry on Darts Betting

Darts tournaments and Darts betting are becoming more and more popular, and are evolving all the time. As you carry on betting from your smartphone, you can grow along with this exciting field. We recommend the best South African mobile darts betting sites and mobile betting apps to make wagering on this exciting sport so much simpler.