Live Mobile Bets

Since first being introduced, online betting in South Africa has really taken off, especially because it offer so many possibilities. You can choose from countless markets and many different ways to bet, and now you can do it all from the palm of your hand with your smartphone. One of the most thrilling options is live betting, which is especially great for in-the-moment smartphone punters and is a great way to build your bankroll when you do it properly. To make sure you do just that, read our guidelines below.

The Meaning of Live Bets

Basically, this type of punting involves putting money down on outcomes as a game unfolds in real time. You are usually allowed to bet on the final result of the whole game, or on quarters or halves. When you are mobile sports betting live from your phone, you will be shown the current score and the moneyline, total and spread which will all change with the score. You will be able to reformulate your staking strategy from wherever you are as the action unfolds, hedging pre-game losing bets and compound pre-game winning wagers.

Live Betting Tips

The more you explore live mobile phone betting, the more you will get familiar and comfortable with the wide range of tactics available for pursuing successful bets. To get you going, we have offered out top three pieces of advice here.

Firstly, begin with a pre-game wager. This will ground you in more context and give you a better starting point as you decide how to move during the game. If you are concerned about losing what you put down, remember that you can recover it while betting live and if you starting point is actually winning you can increase your gains by leaning harder on it.

Secondly, make sure that you start off with a good bankroll. This allows you much more flexibility, which is really what you need when you are betting according to real-time events. A great rule of thumb is to put down half of your originally intended wager in your pre-bet and keep the rest for live betting. This will allow you to double your wins or make up our losses.

Our last piece of advice is to trust your own instincts. We would never encourage you to make any emotion-based betting decisions, but there is definitely a place for taking all the facts and unfolding action into account and then to listen to what your intuition is saying. Refine and evolve your strategy as you go along, and always remember to consider your gut reaction.

Best Live Betting Options

Live betting gives you the chance to develop game plans and a way to execute them, while you roll with the punches. It adds more thrills to proceedings and can make you a much shrewder bettor. You can build on wins or recoup your losses, and do all this at a fast and furious pace that keeps up with your busy lifestyle. It’s a great way to both get your blood pumping and look after your bankroll – what smartphone user could ask for more?