Mobile Tote Bets

Modern technology keeps evolving, and now you can enjoy great wireless betting from your smartphone wherever you are in South Africa. One of the most well-established and popular South African punting areas is horse racing. A diverse range of racing bets is available, meaning everyone is well catered for. Choosing the wager with the most benefit in any situation can take your winnings to the next level, and choosing the best mobile Totes and other bets is an essential skill for any South African smartphone bettor.

What are Totes?

The other names for Totes re Pari-Mutuel Bets and Pool Bets. As these suggest, Totes involve pooling all the bets that have been placed on one event. After the race, payouts are made from this pool according to the final odds. With the odds being determined by how many bets the pool contains, they can change right up until the close of betting which is one of the things that keeps Pool Bets exciting. Because of the way all bets are combined, a sure thing will give you a better chance of a payout but most people will bet this way so your winnings will not be huge. In the same way, the returns on long shots will be substantial because not many people will back them. If you are quite confident of such an underdog, backing it could be one of the best mobile Totes you ever place.

Different Mobile Totes

The more time you spend on the South African live mobile betting sites we review, which is easily done from your smartphone, the more you will get to know the available Totes. We have described the best mobile Totes here to get you started.

The most straightforward Totes are the Win and Place bets, which are a great place for novices to start. Here you predict who will come first or place second or third. In an Each Way bet the two are combined and you are fully paid out f your pick is first and partially paid out if second or third. Exacta and Trifecta bets take things one step further, and require you to predict the first two or three placeholders in exactly the right order.

The next set of bets you may want to explore is the range of Pot wagers. For a Quad- or Place- pot, you must name the horses who will place in third to sixth spot in four or six of a day’s races respectively. For a Jackpot, you make your selections in the same way but all your picks must be first for you to be successful so it is quite difficult. The rewards for a Jackpot are substantial enough that we recommend that you do always include a small Jackpot bet with the rest of your punts as this can still be ample and carries less risk.

As your confidence grows you may also want to explore more exotic Totes, including the Scoop 6, a creative Pot variation where you need to name the winner of every single race in a given day, and many others. We can point you in the direction of the best mobile Totes for you, no matter what stage your betting development is at.

Top Mobile Tote Betting

We have only just scratched the surface of Pool Bets and their thrills here. To get started and explore the best mobile totes yourself, check out the South African smartphone-friendly sites we have reviewed and start mobile phone betting now.