Queens Plate Betting

The 154-year-old L’Ormarins Queens Plate, sponsored by the wine and stud farm with the same name since 2005, is not the first horse racing event of the year in Cape Town, but it is certainly the first really fashionable one that is as popular with non-punters as with serious South African bettors. Rated as one of the top five horse racing events in the world by Britain’s The Telegraph, it is locally and internationally recognised. It is a day filled with colour and variety, but if you are not lucky enough to get there yourself you can enjoy the festivities and activities as you enjoy the colour and variety in your own life by placing bets on your smartphone.

Queens Plate Horse Betting

The Queens Plate is a gorgeous bauble of an event, but its central focus is, of course, the horse races. Enthusiastic novices and seasoned punters alike will revel in watching the best weight for age jockeys and thoroughbreds vie for top position in the day’s twelve races, and you can monitor all the action from your smartphone.

The rewards at this event are truly spectacular, with the main race boasting a purse of one million rand, a gorgeous trophy and automatic entry into the Breeder’s Cup which is America’s biggest race day.

The international racing community also watches the Glorious Goodwood Peninsula Handicap race with interest. The illustrious British club will hold this high-profile and internationally recognised race to strengthen the association with the South African racing event, and does so even more with the best-dressed prize mentioned above, because they are both elite equestrian events in their home countries.

South Africans can bet on the races with all the usual horse racing bets, so choose the ones that you are most familiar with for a fast-paced day of action with your smartphone. Choose from straight or exotic bets, and go as wild or as tame as you would like to depending on how lucky you are feeling. The Queens Plate is a huge event so there is usually plenty of information to find out about the horses, jockeys and the track. Spend as much time as possible gathering information, and put all free bets possible to use on the races. This is a thrilling event that you can win big on, all from your smartphone.

Entertainment at Queens Plate

The Queens Plate is one of the most well-established equestrian events in the world, but there is plenty of other entertainment as well. The event attracts many South Africans who might not normally bet, and is a great way to introduce novices to the world of horse racing and mobile betting. The best of the best are attracted to the event, with local celebrities rubbing shoulders with the country’s equestrian elite. The other events of the day include L’Ormarins focuses such the classic cars of the Franschoek Motor Museum, and there is always an abundance of delicious food and drink. There is also dancing and entertainment well into the night.

The stylish dress code is blue and white, and there are competitions for being the best dressed and wearing the best hat. No fancy dress is allowed, and the winner of the best-dressed competition is actually flown to England for the Glorious Goodwood race there.

Mobile Queens Plate Bets

The Queens Plate is unquestionably the most refined horse racing event in South Africa, but its patrons still know how to party and you can mirror their action with exciting live mobile bets on your smartphone or tablet.