Mobile Golf Bets

Golf has always been thought of as the preserve of the wealthy or privileged. However, with today’s innovative technology the game is open to anyone and has become popular with players and punters all over South Africa and from every walk of life. Increased access to watching and betting on the tournaments has really boosted its standings, and the pleasures of the game are appreciated more and more. The game itself actually demands a lot of physical skill, with players having to hit the ball to move in very precise directions over very precise distances. In addition to this, players have to master their emotions as well; one faltering moment could take a sure victory out of a favourite’s hands while staying strong could be what makes an underdog win.

With so many elements in play, watching professionals display their gold skills is always a pleasure, and never more so than when you have money on the game. Mobile betting from your smartphone allows you to stay informed, do research and make wagers as you conveniently carry on with your daily life. You need never miss a beat of punting fun or any of your responsibilities. To learn how to really maximise your golf betting experience, check out our guidelines here.

Golf Betting Basics

The first thing you need to do is to decide on the South African smartphone-friendly betting site where you wish to place your bets. Most of the sites we review here follow the major tourneys, and some also include more local or smaller events. Decide which options you most want to pursue when choosing where to bet.

You can place several different wagers on the outcomes of Golf tournaments, ranging from predicting overall winners and those who will make the cat to who will place where and individual matchup. Most experienced punters have learned to save most of their bankrolls for these matchups, which involve bookmakers picking two players and posting their names online. You are then required to say who you think will be ranked higher at the end of the tournament. The players could be two stars, two unknowns or anything in between, but whatever the case some basic research should be all that you need to make your selection with confidence. The odds will usually favour one player more than the other, and you can usually see who will come victoriously in a matchup much more easily than who will win an entire tournament. This is what makes this golf live mobile betting option such as popular choice.

World Class Golf Betting

Golf and golf betting are both deceptively simple and can easily hide the complex possibilities and outcomes that can occur. The unique blend of human elements, skill, chance and astute assessment has made it irresistible for punters all around South Africa. The more you bet on the game, the more intriguing it becomes and with the smartphone options of today you can take your punting fun with you and practice from wherever you are in South Africa.