Tennis Mobile Betting

The game of Tennis is fast-paced and exciting to play, watch and wager on. Now you can conveniently do it all from your smartphone, no matter where you are in South Africa, and can research and monitor live developments this way as well. To help you get the most from your Tennis betting experience, read our guidelines here.

Categories in Tennis

Tennis is one of a few competitive games played today that is divided into categories, which can all be bet on. Firstly, single and doubles matches involve two individuals or pairs going head to head respectively. Secondly, there are divisions within these two categories for women and men. Lastly, in mixed doubles each pair is made up of a woman and a man. You may find placing successful bets in one category over another easier and may choose to focus on refining that particular skill, or you may want to diversify put money down on all game varieties. Invest some time in carefully deciding what type of tennis betting works best for you and consult the information and statistics found on the top South African bookmakers to increase your chances of a winning bet.

Tennis Betting Options

In additions to the variety of tennis matches, punting action is kept exciting by the diverse range bets South Africans can place. You are sure to get familiar with them very quickly, but to start you off we have listed some of the most common for you here.

  • The Outright Bet is the simplest that you can place, and you need to name the players you think will get to the finals or win a tournament.
  • You must name the scores and winners of the sets within a match in Set Bets.
  • For Match Bets, you will not focus on an overall tournament win but on the matches within it, and will only predict match winners.
  • Live betting is often featured in tennis matches and offers even more excitement. You can place bets in real time as the action unfolds, and as you do this more and more your insight into the game will really grow.
  • For something a little out-of-the-ordinary, you can sometimes put money down on who you think will lose rather than win a tournament.

Tennis Bets in Championships

Betting on Tennis matches is always exciting, but the games that lead up to and are actually a part of the great championships across the world, including the Australian Open, the French Open and Wimbledon, are really something special and take the thrills to new heights. Be sure t watch precursor matches closelt as they can offere great insight into the way players will perform in the later tournamets, so they can really help you to decide who to put money down on.

Start Tennis Betting Today

As players’ condition and performance fluctuate, tennis standings change and you need to watch developments closely to keep betting successfully. To start your own whirlwind of thinking on your feet, keeping your wits about you and getting rewarded, all while carrying on your daily life activites, start betting on tennis matches from your smartphone now. The best South African tennis betting opportunities for SA mobile bets have been highlighted by this site and we make it so much easier for you to wager on your favourite sport.